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Fill out the form below to request service placements

Babysitter Request

Let's go over the details of our babysitting request services, and then please fill out the form below.

*** After your first booking, you can request future bookings directly through our portal. ***

Booking Details: Ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for families, My Tiny Little Humans offers comprehensive babysitting services at $35.00 per hour total, for up to three children. This total cost includes the Sitter's $25.00 per hour, and the Agency's $10.00 per hour fee. Each booking requires a minimum commitment of 3 hours, with a 48-hour cancellation policy in place. The Agency will charge the card on file for the booking fee upon booking confirmation, and the family will pay the sitter directly, following their services, via cash, or electronic payment. Any missing payments to the sitter will be collected through the card on file. 

The Agency fees, charged following the a booking confirmation, are non-refundable, including the event of cancelations. Holiday rates will be 1.5x each rate for a total rate of $52.50 per hour, and will be charged accordingly. Clients are also responsible for any parking or valet fees if the sitter is working at a hotel. Parking must be ensured to the sitter; all parking fees must be covered by the client. 

All cancelations must be done through the Agency, and 48-hours before the scheduled arrival. Cancelation with less than 48-hour notice will result in the card on file being charged for the agreed upon hours at the sitter rate. Should you return home or to your hotel early, you are still responsible for the full pre-scheduled booking time. The credit card on file will be automatically charged for any unpaid balances. 

Babysitters will only provide foods pre-approved by the parents to the children and will not bring or order any foods without prior discussion with the parents. Please have meal provisions arranged for your child, and in the case of shifts longer than 4 hours, for the sitter as well.

Please note -  There are NO REGISTRATION FEES for requesting babysitting services. Only the parents of the child can book sitter's through this form. For all other inquiries, contact us by phone, email, or fill out our placements form.

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